Marketplace Rules

The following rules are to make sure all users of TaskMatch have a safe and rewarding experience, it is important for everyone to act responsibly and with respect.

  1. All users must be over the age of 18 to use Taskmatch.
  2. Users can only have one single, active account on the platform and any duplicate accounts will be removed.
  3. Inappropriate content with vulgarities, used in the context of a personal attack/insult will be removed immediately and result in suspension and deactivation of accounts.
  4. Tasks posted on Taskmatch must be all legal and all Taskmatch Workers must be legally entitled to perform the task.
  5. Once an offer is accepted a Task Poster must pay a small booking deposit.
  6. Taskmatch accounts must represent the user completing the job with valid personal details. If your offer is accepted, you are legally responsible for the provision of the agreed services as part of the Task Contract. Subcontracting of tasks is not permitted.
  7. When an offer is accepted a Job Poster is not obliged to pay any additional fees within the Taskmatch marketplace. Pricing for offers placed is final.
  8. You must maintain control of your account at all times, its is your responsibility and it's not transferable
  9. All Offers placed must not be hourly or quote based (e.g. "I will work for €10/hour") They all must be total to the full amount per task.
  10. Any disclosure of private contact details or 3rd party links is not allowed to be shared in any public area of the site (e.g. Business Websites, Facebook/LinkedIn/twitter contact details). This also includes within comments or attachments or anywhere on TaskMatch.
  11. Taskmatch is a marketplace for services and not a discussion forum.Any Comment that is considered off-topic, aimed at influencing other user's offers or derogatory towards a Task Poster will not be supported and may be deleted at any time and users accounts from where the comments have come may be suspended if felt appropriate.
  12. All Taskmatch members must comply with our marketplace rules. Failure to comply will result in suspension from the marketplace and deactivation of your account.

  1. Any tasks or comments that are considered trolling, derogatory or non compliant.
  2. Tasks that are non-task based. e.g. If it does not have a clearly described title and scope of work, a specific start / end time or an unconfirmed price or hourly budget.
  3. Any tasks, attachments or comments which advertise private contact details, third party services or any other websites.
  4. Any Assignment or assessment related tasks, e.g. "finish my college assignment".
  5. Services that are illegal, scams or any request related to drugs including prescription drugs.
  6. Anything posts related to weapons or unlawful activity. This includes soliciting, inducing or encouraging illegal acts or requesting goods or services in furtherance of a act of crime or terrorism.
  7. Any adult or escort related services, tasks or content which is obscene or sexually explicit in nature.
  8. Business advertisements, offering of services provided or any fishing user contact details, lead generation/sign up requests or competitions.
  9. Services that promote racist, hatred or violence against specific people.
  10. Any commission or sales based tasks, e.g. "earn €50 for every sale you make", "€1 for every person you get to sign up".
  11. Financial return or financial transaction based requests, e.g. "Need €1000 and will pay 10% return".
  12. Any comments or actions that may cause distress or jeopardise other members on the marketplace.

All tasks posted must comply with Irish laws and regulations. Do not share your own or any other individual’s private contact details (such as full name, email, home address or phone number) in any public area of Taskmatch. For your safety and to maintain the integrity of the Taskmatch marketplace, we suggest that you only communicate through Taskmatch private messaging system. Members have control over the final amount they wish to offer to complete a task (i.e. they may offer higher or lower than the listed price). Any comments that are considered trolling, aimed at influencing/defaming other member's offers or derogatory towards the Job Poster’s budget will not be supported. If you suspect a task or member who may have violated these policies, please report it to Taskmatch using the "Report as inappropriate” feature (can be found both in the Task or Comments section) or Contact Us so we can review it accordingly. Members who breach the marketplace rules may have their account suspended or deactivated. Please read the Taskmatch Privacy Policy and Terms of Use in addition to the above rules.

As engagements are agreed between you and a 3rd party of your choosing, all agreements are final and Taskmatch is not responsible for refunds for any reason. If you feel you may have been the victim of a crime, document what happened and contact the Gardai. If a crime has taken place in relation to a Taskmatch transaction, provide us with a copy of the Gardai report or guide the authorities to contact us so that we can follow up and take appropriate action.

Taskmatch members are other people from your local community and they may even be someone you already know, so treat people as you would like to be treated yourself and use common sense so that we can all enjoy being part of the Taskmatch community. If you experience any abusive communications sent via Taskmatch please let us know by using the report button or Contact Us.

Thanks For Reading.

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