New User Faq

TaskMatch is a trusted community marketplace for people to outsource tasks, find local services or complete flexible jobs to earn money - online or via mobile.

You can post almost any task you need done on TaskMatch. From tasks around the house (like gardening or cleaning) to office tasks (like data entry or website support) to tasks for business (like promotional staffing or mystery shopper).

It's very simple. Start by Posting a Task - it's FREE to post and takes just a few minutes. Tasker’s will then make offers to complete your task. Check out their profile and once you've found the TaskMatch worker that's perfect for your task, accept their offer to assign them to the task.

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It is FREE to post a task. Once you have accepted the agreed task price, you will need to pay a small booking deposit via TaskMatch Pay to book the task. Once your task has been completed you pay the remaining balance directly to the Tasker.

No, it is FREE to post a task and there are no obligations to select an TaskMatch Worker unless you find the right person for the job and accept their offer.

Once you have posted a task, it will be published publicly on the task feed.

Depending on the type of task you have posted, you might benefit from adding images. This gives the community a better understanding of what is involved. There are two ways to upload images:

Option 1: Go to your task; under the description, there is an "Attach files" button. Click this, select your image and click upload.

Option 2: Go to the “My Tasks” section in your dashboard and click on “Tasks Posted”, then click the blue edit icons and click on "Files".

Taskers who are interested in completing your task will make an offer on your task.

Note: if you have not yet provided us with your credit/debit card details, you will be prompted to enter your card details and to pay a small booking deposit. Payments are handled by our secure third-party payment provider Stripe (internationally recognised and globally relied upon).

With a Tasker assigned to your task, all you need to do then is privately message them with any remaining details!

Once your task is completed you pay the remaining balance directly to the Tasker.

If these guides are helping and you feel ready to post your first task, click here.

To make sure you have a rewarding TaskMatch experience, we've built a range of features which will help deliver you peace of mind. We provide verified IDs, secure payments via TaskMatch Pay and a Customer Support Team ready to assist any time.

Usually you'll receive offers from 2-3 people who can complete your task. You can ask them questions, request further details about their skills and check out their profile to make sure that you find the right person for the task. There are no obligations to hire.

We do not allow private messages before a task has been assigned,this gives all users the same opportunities. We encourage fairness and equality at all stages of the TaskMatch journey, to maintain an authentic marketplace.

The comments section on a task allows for public negotiations and discussions about the task. Just click on the task you are interested in, scroll down to the comments and start asking questions. The comments will be visible to everyone until the task has been assigned to you.

Reviews help people trust in our community by creating an easy, honest and reliable way for members to know what to expect from each other.

Whether you’ve posted a task or you’ve completed one, leaving your honest and fair feedback about how it went gives a great guide for the community.

TaskMatch has 2 indicators of a members performance history:

Star rating : The average star rating is based on all the reviews that a member has received from past tasks.

Reviews : As soon as the payment is released and the task closed, each person has an option to leave a review for one another.

Reviews must follow TaskMatch's guidelines. If a review has been found to breach these guidelines, it will be removed.

We can only remove reviews if they breach our guidelines, or if the author has requested it themselves without coercion. Once a review has been removed for any reason, you will be unable to leave a new one.

Reviews and star ratings cannot be edited after they have been published. If you change your mind about what you have written, we can only remove the review for you.

Hopefully you have posted your first task already, but if not, why not check out some of the tasks others are posting right for some inspiration.

When you post a task, we ask you to set a budget to indicate how much you would like to spend. This amount might simply be a starting point and from here, Taskers will make an offer on your task for an amount that they believe is a fair price that reflects the time, skills and work required to get your task completed.

If you are not sure where to start, you can follow the steps below:

  • Review our price guide which lists approximate hourly rates for some of our task categories.
  • Think about how much time you think the task will take, and what is a fair hourly rate or total amount of pay for what you need to be done.
  • If you're not sure on an hourly rate or how much time it will take, you can set a starting rate at €15 an hour and let our community of TaskMatch Workers help you find the right price.

You can also look at other similar tasks under Browse Tasks before posting your task.

When accepting an offer you are required to pay a small booking deposit. Your payment method can be either a VISA or Mastercard Debit/Credit card. You then pay the remaining balance directly to the Tasker once the task is completed.

Whether you're a Job Poster or an TaskMatch Worker, ensuring your tasks are completed requires communication. We've built a dedicated commenting wall for each task, where you can comment on the task and ask questions.

Once the Job Poster has accepted a TaskMatch Worker's offer and they've been assigned to a task, you can communicate safely through Private Messages to discuss further details.

Almost anyone can create an account and start bidding for work on TaskMatch. To make sure you're competitive when making offers for tasks, you'll need to build your TaskMatch profile with social connections and by earning positive reviews on completed tasks.

Create an account and then start building your profile to make yourself attractive to people hiring on TaskMatch. Once you're ready to get going: Browse Tasks, start commenting and Make An Offer if you think you're the best person for the job.

Once your offer has been accepted the job poster has already paid a booking deposit for the task. When completed, You need to request the task poster to pay the remaining balance directly to you.