TaskMatch Price Guide

Not sure how much how much it will cost to have your task completed? Find a guide below


When posting a task, you will be asked to enter a budget to indicate roughly how much you would like to pay. TaskMatch Workers will then bid on your task until you each fair price.

As a guide, we’ve listed out approximate rates for a range of task below:


Tip: If you are unsure how much to budget for your task you can simply post it up with an hourly rate of €10 and let our community of TaskMatch Workers offer prices they think are fair.


Handyman & Trade Tasks

  • No specialist skills required
  • Basic tools only
  • Some special skills required
  • Some tools needed
  • Professional skills required
  • Specific tools needed

Delivery & Removals

Small Item
  • Easy to carry
  • On foot/Public transport Ok
Larger Item
  • Larger box or package
  • Car required
  • Furniture or Heavy Items
  • Truck or Van required


Routine Clean
  • Apartment or house
  • Supplies provided
Deeper Clean
  • Windows or other items
  • Most supplies provided
Spring Clean
  • Major clean up
  • Specialist tools needed

Home & Garden

General Maintenance
  • Light gardening
  • Tools provided
Weeding / Mowing
  • Moderate amount of labour
  • Basic tools needed
Specialist Gardening
  • More difficult tasks
  • Specialist tools needed

Design & Photography

Basic Design
  • Simple tweaks or photoshop
  • Basic design knowledge
Photography /Graphics
  • Photoshoot or brand design
  • Some equipment required
Design Projects
  • Major brand / photo project
  • Specialist skills or equipment

Office & Admin Tasks

Basic Tasks
  • Simple research or data entry
  • No specialist skills required
Semi skilled tasks
  • Spreadsheet or call centre work
  • Basic admin skills
Specialist Tasks
  • Acconting or Marketing work
  • Some specialist skills needed

Computer & Website

Basic panel example
  • Simple tech issue or website tweak
  • Basic skills required
Technical tasks
  • Software / website tech help
  • Computer skills needed
Specialist required
  • Programming, development etc
  • Professional skills needed


Basic Data Collection
  • Email,phone or in-store research
  • No Skills required
Field Research
  • Interviewing, mystery shopping etc
  • Basic research skills required
Research Participants
  • Focus groups or product testing
  • Special candidates requirements

Promotional Staff

Leaflet Handouts
  • Letterbox drops, flyer handouts etc
  • Simple, friendly staff
Event / Sales
  • Promotional or event help
  • Basic sales or catering skills
Specialist Staff
  • Trades eg plumbing, electrical
  • Special tools or licence needed

Furniture Assembly

€10/per Item
  • Chair, table, or high chair
  • Laptop table
€20/per Item
  • Bookcases
  • TV stand
€40/per Item
  • Sofa-bed or futon
  • Chest of drawers
€50/per Item
  • Bed single, double or queen
  • Wardrobe