Assemble beds and sofa bed, 1 wardrobe

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3 beds Malm, Hemnes Day Bed, Nordli with headboard, 1 sofabed Grönlid 2 seater, 1 wardrobe

Task Location: Clondalkin, Dublin
Due date: Tuesday, 14 Mar 2023
Date Posted: 1 Mar 2023
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Ciarán M. one year ago

Hi Cornelia Thanks for responding to "ME" I am fully insured although I've never heard of insurance being needed to assemble furniture? I can do all of the above if you accept "MY" offer we can swap details and arrange a suitable time. Thanks Ciarán

Zak N. one year ago

Hi Kornelia, I can sort out the wardrobe if you accept my offer. Thanks Zak

Kornelia J. one year ago

@Ciarán M. Hi Ciaran, thank you for your offer. I forgot to add a wardrobe. I also added pictures, if you can take a look an get back to me please. Will you charge more for the wardrobe? I'm not sure about the make of the wardrobe. Everything else is IKEA. Do you have insurance? I'm not sure, is it a requirement. This is my first time using this platform. Kind Regards, Konnie

Eoghan s. Made an offer one year ago
Efim B. Made an offer one year ago
Gabriel M. Made an offer one year ago
Colm K. Made an offer one year ago
Daniel R. one year ago

Hi Kornelia, when you want this to be done? Available Friday and weekend. Thanks

Zak N. Made an offer one year ago
Ciarán M. Made an offer one year ago