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TaskMatch is a platform for truly independent workers. We match one-off jobs to your skills and free time, helping you to earn more every week

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  • “I choose the jobs I want and get to earn extra income on the side” Alan, Co. Dublin
  • “TaskMatch makes it simple for me to bid on new jobs” Patrick, Co. Dublin
  • “I’m getting new jobs each week, doing the work I’m good at” Roberto, Co. Dublin

How to get started

1. Sign up & get verified

Sign up as a Tasker and build a profile that stands out. As soon as we give it a thumbs up, you're all set to go.

2. Find jobs & apply

Browse local jobs that match your skills and schedule. Pitch your offer, based on what you reckon is a fair price for the job.

3. Get hired

If the customer accepts your offer, congrats, you got the job! Arrange a time that suits both of you to get started.


  • Boss
    You call the shots Work the hours you want, be your own boss
  • Grow
    Build a name for yourself Grow your customer base
  • Earn
    Bump up your earnings Earn cash on the side
  • Passion
    Follow your passion Take on work that you enjoy
  • Price
    Name your price Set your own rates

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How do I get hired for a job?

Start by browsing for jobs that you’d like to complete. You can make an offer on a job for the price you think is fair. It’s now up to the customer to either hire you or choose another offer.

How much does TaskMatch cost?

Once you and the customer hiring agree on a price for the job, TaskMatch takes a small deposit fee for the referral. See our deposit fees here.

Are Taskers employees of TaskMatch?

No, all Taskers on TaskMatch are self-employed. We simply connect you with the customer.

How do I get paid?

Taskers get paid directly by the customer who hires you.

What information does TaskMatch need to verify me?

TaskMatch requires that every tasker submits information about them so we can understand who is using the system. This helps keep the community safe. We request proof of identity via passport or driving licence, contact information like email and phone number and payment information like a credit or debit card.