Cabinets + sink to be installed un utility

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Cabinets, including sink to be installed in Utility Room. Already mostly assembled as they were previously in my mams utility. Wall units already removed in the photos, but seen in image 2. Need to move the unit for the washer/dryer from left to right as that is where it is plumbed. There is an unused frame/box for dryer hose that can be removed and there is already a water pipe available for the sink. There is kingspan on the wall that the units will be mounted on, it is external cavity block beyond that. Wall presses - 72cm high, 30cm deep. One is 60cm wide the other 100cm.

Task Location: Brian Rd, Dublin
Due date: Flexible
Date Posted: 8 Jun 2023
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Ciarán M. one year ago

Hi fiona You need to accept my offer and pay taskmatch fee to enable us to swap personal details. Thanks Ciarán

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