Mount tv on fire place

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I need the wall on fireplace to be inspected to know if it's suitable to mount tv

Task Location: Mountain View Ave, Harold's Cross, Terenure, Dublin
Due date: Tuesday, 18 Oct 2022
Date Posted: 16 Oct 2022
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Cian M. one year ago

Great. If you want to accept my offer and I can contact you then directly

cosimo m. one year ago

@Cian M. Yes that's fine ????????

Cian M. one year ago

Between 5/6pm? Does that suit?

cosimo m. one year ago

@Cian M. Great Stuff, what time suits?

Cian M. one year ago

I’ve hung many tvs in the past. Because your renting, when you move out the only thing that will need to be done is filling holes and painting over. Same as if you were hanging a picture. So if your landlord is ok with hanging stuff on walls I can’t see why this would be an issue.

Cian M. one year ago

@cossimo. Yes it can be done no problem at all. Fireplace would be strong and regardless of whether it’s drywall or not hanging a tv won’t be an issue. If you have the bracket I can supply all tools needed. I also have wall plugs and screws handy. The wall will not be damaged other than 4-6 small holes that will mount the bracket

cosimo m. one year ago

@Cian M. Hi Cian, I have a bracket bought, but i don't have any other tools. What i need to know if it can be done and safely cause I'm renting and I don't wanna mess up the wall.

Cian M. Made an offer one year ago
Zak N. Made an offer one year ago
Gabriel M. one year ago

Hii you have the bracket for TV...

Daniel R. one year ago

Hi Cosimo, wall are perfect for Telly. Do you have the Tv bracket? How many inches the Tv,?

Wayne R. Made an offer one year ago