Understairs toilet floor tiled.

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I need a understairs toilet floor tiled. ASAP very small job.

Task Location: Palmerstown, County Dublin
Due date: Monday, 21 Mar 2022
Date Posted: 15 Mar 2022
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Colm K. Made an offer 2 years ago
Moira W. 2 years ago

@Colm K. Yes have everything and they do need to be cut around the toil concrete floor size is [Content Moderated]x600

Moira W. 2 years ago

@Gabriel M. The size is [Content Moderated]x600 Moderated]

Colm K. 2 years ago

Hi Moira, Do you have the tiles, adhesive +grout? Do the tiles need to be cut around the toilet? What surface are the tiles going down on ie concrete/ plywood/floorboards? If you could upload a picture it would help. Thanks

Gabriel M. 2 years ago

How many meters square have?