What is TaskMatch?

TaskMatch is a trusted community that helps people and businesses find the help they need locally. We match you with local workers / service providers who have the skills you need and are available for work.

What tasks can I get done on TaskMatch?

You can post almost any task you need done on TaskMatch. From tasks around the house (like handyman, gardening or cleaning) to office tasks (like data entry or website support) to tasks for business (like promotional staffing or mystery shopper).

How do I get started on TaskMatch?

Simply post the details of your task! You’ll start receiving questions / offers from local Taskers. You can view each user's profiles, ratings and reviews. If you see an offer you like, hire that Tasker by accepting their offer.

How much does it cost to post a task?

Posting your task is completely FREE. Once you have agreed on a price for the designated task - a small booking fee is payable to TaskMatch to finalise the reservation. Once your task is complete - the remaining balance becomes payable directly to the Tasker. It’s really that simple. Posting a Task on TaskMatch is FREE and there is no obligation to hire. If you get an offer you like you can accept that offer by paying a small booking deposit. This deposit can be paid via Stripe or Paypal. When your task has been completed you pay the remaining balance directly to the Tasker.

Once I post a task, do I have to hire a TaskMatch Worker?

No obligation arises from posting a task on TaskMatch. There is no obligation to hire. If you don't find a Tasker suitable or an offer you are happy with, you can simply withdraw your task from the site.

I posted my task, what's next?

Put up your feet and keep an eye on your Inbox! From here on the TaskMatch community will come back to you with questions and offers. We will notify you on the email address you provided us with.

How are payments handled?

All payments are handled securely through our site using either Stripe or PayPal payment gateways. Remember, TaskMatch only takes a payment for the booking deposit and the balance should be paid directly to the Tasker.

What if I need to contact my Tasker after the offer has been accepted?

Once an offer has been accepted you will be able to send and receive private messages to and from the assigned Tasker. You will also receive the Taskers phone number via email so you can call or text the Tasker.

What Trust & Quality features does TaskMatch provide?

For a safer and more transparent experience, TaskMatch provides an SMS verification process for all Taskers, secure payment systems and a Customer Support Team on hand to assist you every step of the way.

Can I negotiate my offer privately?

We don’t allow private messaging between Posters and Taskers until the Task has been assigned - this is to ensure our platform remains a fair and impartial marketplace for all users. Each Task has a public comments section to allow for users to discuss and negotiate prices. This gives our users the best opportunity to find workers that best suit them.

How do reviews work?

Reviews help build a community defined by trust and reliability - but most importantly help to attract the best talent out there. Whether you’ve posted a task or completed one, leaving your honest and fair feedback helps the entire TaskMatch community.

How can I verify a member's performance history?

TaskMatch user profiles include 2 performance measurements:

Star rating:Each member has a star rating assigned to their profile. The star rating is an average of all reviews on the member's past tasks.

Reviews: As soon as the task is complete, each party is free to leave a written review based on their experience.

How much should I charge for a task?

When you post a task, we ask you to set a budget to indicate how much you would like to spend. This is merely an indication and most often during the negotiation phase Taskers will make an offer based on, for example, their level of skill and the extent of the work to be done.

Helpful tips for pricing

Consider how long the specific task will take, the level of skill you require and whether the worker will require their own equipment. These considerations should guide you when setting a price for your task.

If you are still undecided, we encourage you to browse similar tasks and categories before creating your task.

What are my payment options?

The Booking Deposit is payable by VISA or Mastercard Debit/Credit card through Stripe or Paypal payment gateways. The balance is payable directly to the Tasker by you once the Task is completed.

Can I discuss my task with a potential worker before assigning the role?

Each posted task’s public comments section can be used to discuss the terms of the offer before it is accepted. Once the task has been accepted and fee paid, the Tasker and Poster will be able to communicate through TaskMatch’s private messaging section. Here you can safely discuss the task in detail and exchange contact information.

Once the Job Poster has accepted a TaskMatch Worker's offer and they've been assigned to a task, you can communicate safely through Private Messages to discuss further details.

How do I start completing work and earning money on TaskMatch?

A Tasker is a person who completes tasks on TaskMatch. They are independent service providers who are members on the TaskMatch platform. If you’d like to be a Tasker, simply create an account and start making offers on Tasks. Please be aware that you'll need to be over 18, hold a PPS number and legally be allowed to work in Ireland.

How do I get paid for completing a task?

Payments will be made to you directly from the Poster and not TaskMatch. Generally a Poster will pay you once the work is completed.

How do I cancel a task?

Before making the decision to cancel, we strongly encourage you to see if there's another way to get the task done. For example, you could change the due date or the task price. 

Before requesting a cancellation, consider the following important points:

The impact on your reputation as a reliable TaskMatch member: Cancelling can negatively affect your completion rate, making it harder for you to get quality offers or be assigned to tasks.

Limitation or deactivation of your TaskMatch profile: Repeatedly cancelling tasks can result in your TaskMatch account being limited or deactivated.

No TaskMatch Support: Only tasks completed through the platform can benefit from the expert help of the Support team.

Fee for cancellation processing:

To process Taks cancellations, there is an administration fee of 15% of the task payment (to a max of €20) fee may be applied when processing cancellations. If applicable, this fee will need to be paid by the TaskMatch member responsible for cancelling, as indicated through the cancellation reasons below.

The following table shows examples of who will be responsible for a task cancellation fee:

Cancellation scenario Member to pay fee
Tasker stops responding to private messages after being assigned to a task Tasker
Poster no longer needs the task to be completed Poster
Tasker doesn't show up to complete the task Tasker
Poster stops responding to private messages after assigning a task Poster

Once you have considered the above and are ready to unassign the task, go to the My Tasks section of your TaskMatch account and click the “Unassign” link.