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Find local Handymen working across the North and South Dublin areas, Kildare, Cork, Galway, Limerick.

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Patrick L. Dublin (21)
Patrick did an amazing job. Excellent attention to detail and great at communicating. He was a joy to have around the house too. Nicola .
Zak N. Dublin (55)
Zak is amazing! Fixed everything (now they are running perfectly!), helped with my other tasks, cleaned up after, and he’s friendly to chat with. Super helpful and efficient service. Linh V.
Eoghan s. Dublin (8)
Eoghan was excellent, punctual, friendly and did a great job without a single complaint. Highly recommend. Jackie O.
Gabriel M. (76)
Gabriel did a great job of all the tasks on the list Claire D.
Colm K. Dublin (21)
Colm and his helper were fantastic and did exactly what we wanted. Super professional and no hassle. Chloe A.

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What type of jobs can a Handyman do?

The jack-of-all-trades, a good handyman will probably have experience in carpentry and DIY. Not all heroes wear capes, some wear tools belts and are able to hang a new TV to a wall or assemble some new IKEA furniture. A handyman might have some working knowledge of plumbing and electrics but we recommend hiring certified plumbers and electricians for those jobs.

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  • Satellite Dish Removal Front Wall
  • Put up 2 curtain rails
  • Outdoor Tap
  • Shelving Assembly
  • Curtain And Shelf Fitting
  • Handy Man 1 Day
  • A New Door To Be Hung
  • Hanging A Clothes Line

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Handyman Rates

Handyman rates

Very few Handyman jobs are the same. Handymen are “handy” because they are able to do a lot of different jobs. Though most of the jobs are manual labour jobs like fixing broken house fittings, repairing damaged property or installing new fittings. We see from the jobs posted on TaskMatch we see the average rates range from €40 - €300.

Get free quotes from Handymen in your area

Handyman FAQs

How quickly will I get quotes?

Once you have posted your job on TaskMatch you can start receiving quotes from works straight away. Our taskers are always looking for new jobs to help you with and will come back to you with any questions so they can price the job fairly.

What should I pay?

Handyman jobs are so varied that it’s hard to say what the exact rates are for the exact task. We advise you to write a clear and descriptive description of the work you need done on TaskMatch. Then talk to our members to understand the level of work involved and agree on a price that suits you both.

How big or small can the job be?

On TaskMatch no job is too big or too small. We have removal jobs from €50 to kitchen fitting jobs to €2,000 posted on the site. Reach out to our taskers and see how happy they are to help.

How do I know if the Handyman will be good?

We know that people looking to pay for work want it done right, first time, by a skilled worker. We advise that you ask as our taskers many questions as you need to in order to feel comfortable with their ability. TaskMatcher reviews offer an extra level of assurance as you can see their work history and performance.

Can I hire a Handyman for electrical or plumbing jobs?

A good Handyman will most likely have experience in many areas of manual trades. For electrical and plumbing jobs, we strongly advise that the person you hire is certified and insured by the respective Irish bodies in the area you need them for.

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