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Gabriel M. (75)
Gabriel did a wonderful job clearing out our garden and cutting down high scrub and branches. We would highly recommend him for any work in or outside the home. Aine G.
Eoghan s. Dublin (8)
Eoghan was so helpful ,friendlyand pleasant. My back garden is a nightmare and I couldn’t bare to look at it. He is really hardworking as it was backbreaking work. He was on time was trustworthy Eimear C.
Colm K. Dublin (20)
Colm put up garden trellis recently, very happy with the work. Arrived on time, easy to deal with. Would recommend 100% Laura M.
Thomas K. Dublin (31)
Thanks Thomas - prompt and efficient service Philip M.

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What type of jobs can a Gardener do?

No two gardens are the same and gardening jobs can vary widely. Typically a gardener will care for plants, lawns, hedges and trees. Gardeners will have a good understanding of common garden plant species and offer manual gardening services like watering and feeding, trimming, weeding and clearing of garden waste. Some gardeners do landscaping work too, things like restructuring of the garden, creating beds and laying patios. The maintenance and removal of larger trees and hedging might require the services of a tree surgeon but you'll find some gardeners will be skilled at this also.

Recent Gardening Jobs Posted

  • General Gardening Jobs
  • Cut down IVY
  • Garden and greenhouse clean up
  • Regular garden maintenance
  • Cut grass front and back
  • Patio and pond deweeding
  • Trim Hedges
  • Remove stones and pebbles from flower bed
  • Remove small tree
  • Get garden summer ready!
  • Small back garden paved
  • Gardening tidy flower beds
  • Patio/garden weeds removal
  • Garden cleared out
  • Urgent Garden Maintenance

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Gardener Rates

Gardener rates

Gardening work can often be labour intensive and sometimes it will require specialist tools. The average cost for a gardener per hour varies, depending upon the task and size of your garden. Garden work that involves special tools like tree cutting, digging and chipping will be priced at higher rates. You should also factor in the cost of supplies and waste removal as most gardeners will pass on that fee to you. For an idea, costs can be between €20 to €80 per hour. You can always ask for a price for the job to help you budget.

Get free quotes from Gardeners in your area

Gardener FAQs

How big or small can the gardening job be?

From a small lawn grass cut to a large back garden landscaping project, no gardening job is too big or too small on TaskMatch. We have small gardening jobs for €50 to full home garden landscaping and clearing jobs for €2,000 posted on the site daily. Reach out to our Taskers and see how happy they are to help.

Will I need to hire a Gardener and a Landscaper?

Many Gardeners can do some Landscaping jobs and visa-versa. Gardeners generally focus more on caring for plants while Landscapers tend to do more structural work like laying patios, flower beds and remodeling the land.

How do I get the best price?

Prices for gardening in your area will vary depending on type of jobs and the tools and supplies needed. For some gardening work you might be able to save some time and money by clearing the garden before the Gardener arrives. To get the best gardening prices you should let the Taskers know exactly what work you want done! Try to include pictures in the job description and info like are you providing the supplies needed? Is there access to the area for tools and equipment? Do you need the garden waste removed and dumped?

How quickly will I get quotes?

Once you have posted your job on TaskMatch you can start receiving quotes from Gardeners straight away. Our Taskers are always looking for new jobs to help with and will come back to you with any questions so they can price the job fairly.

How will I know if the Gardener will be good?

A good gardener will have good knowledge of how to care for common garden plants. They will know when to prune, what to feed and how to plant various types of plants. Some gardeners will have studied horticulture while others will have learnt from working in the field. Be sure to ask our Taskers about their experience and qualifications as well as checking reviews of their work on their TaskMatch profile.

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