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Find local IKEA furniture assemblers working across the North and South Dublin areas, Kildare, Cork, Wicklow, Limerick.

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Zak N. Dublin (54)
Very professional and very punctual. Zak went above and beyond and put together our kitchen beautifully, made sure the job was done properly. Highly recommended ???????? IKEA Kitchen Assembly Nash Z.
Eoghan s. Dublin (8)
Highly recommend Eoghan. Prompt reply to queries, on time on the day. Very happy with the finished unit. Assemble an IKEA chest of drawers Una O.
Conor W. Dublin (3)
Highly recommend - Lucky to have Conor come and assemble the wardrobe. It was a 2.3m high by 3m wide dual wardrobe in a small space and he done an excellent job. Thanks again Assemble a wardrobe from IKEA Hugh L.
Gabriel M. (73)
Gabriel is great! Kindly helped us with the assembly of IKEA furniture. He arrived on time, with his tools, and did everything pretty quickly and with great quality. Definitely recommend Gabriel. Assembly of 6 IKEA items Pavlo B.

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What type of jobs can a IKEA Furniture Assembler do?

Sometimes called IKEA furniture assemblers, fitters or installers, these experts can build your furniture and if needed, fix it to a wall, floor or ceiling. They may also provide a collection and delivery service which can be really helpful, especially if you don’t have transport that can fit all the IKEA boxes. Some IKEA furniture requires more work, skill and tools to build than others. The assembler might also need to prepare the area or surfaces that the furniture is going into. This could mean cleaning, sanding, painting or drilling into a surface. A good IKEA furniture assembler will have general handyman skills to cover all aspects of the job.

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IKEA Furniture Assembly Services Rates

IKEA Assembly Rates

As you can imagine there are so many different IKEA products that there really is no fixed rate for assembly services. Most of the Taskers will calculate their fee based on the time taken to complete the job. This fee may or may not include a collection and delivery charge from IKEA in Dublin. We see hourly rates from anywhere between €15 and €40 per hour for these types of jobs.

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IKEA Furniture Assembly Service FAQS

How big or small can the job be?

There really is no job too big or small when it comes to IKEA furniture assembly. While IKEA furniture is designed to be built by customers, this doesn’t always mean it’ll be easy or quick to do. We get all size IKEA jobs posted on TaskMatch from small shelf installations to large kitchens fittings. Remember, there is no charge for quotes on TaskMatch so simply ask any of our workers if they can help.

Why do people hire IKEA assemblers?

IKEA is well known for offering an amazing selection of furniture at great prices. One of the reasons IKEA’s prices are low is that most of its furniture is received in flatpacked boxes and will need to be built before it can be used. Some IKEA furniture can be more difficult or time consuming to build than others. Furniture like kitchens might have many parts that can be complicated to install. Heavy furniture like sofa beds and wardrobes might require more than one person to assemble. Hiring an experienced IKEA assembler who is using professional tools will not only save time but it will mean that the job gets done right, the first time.

How do I get the best price?

There are a few things you can do to get the best price for a IKEA furniture assembly job. While some Taskers will offer to collect and deliver your furniture from IKEA in Dublin, you would save on the fee by collecting it yourself. Where possible you should clear the room that you wish to install the furniture in. The more room the assembler has to work in the easier the job will be. When posting on TaskMatch, include the name of the furniture and information about the room it’s going into. This information will help the Tasker quote more accurately.

How quickly will I get quotes?

As soon as you post your job on TaskMatch we begin alerting Taskers in your area. Our Taskers are always looking for new jobs to help with and will come back to you with any questions so they can price the job fairly.

How will I know if the Assembler will be good?

A good furniture assembler should have experience in assembly but will also be a handyman. They will have skills like basic carpentry and joinery and have knowledge of wall fittings. IKEA flat pack furniture comes with simple assembly tools but an assembler who has their own professional tools may get the job done a little faster.

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